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Hey There Gardeners!

Follow along and let’s learn gardening together! What started as a hobby with a few plants has turned in to an obsession that takes over the yard and house!

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Best Plant Nursery in Orlando

Let’s determine the Best Plant Nursery in Orlando based on customer feedback. Is there a better way to find out? I certainly wouldn’t just trust the company website. So let’s hear it straight from the customers in Orlando, FL. Appenberry’s Gardens Great customer service and knowledgeable staff make this one the best plant nursery inContinue reading “Best Plant Nursery in Orlando”

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Guest Blogs Welcome!

One of the biggest hurdles in starting a blog is getting guest posts. I want to extend an offer to publish your guest blog. I will provide follow links back to your own blog. It should fall in to categories that would resonate with My Garden Academia readers. Submit your guest blog post to reading “Guest Blogs Welcome!”

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About Me

Hi, I’m JT. I want to share with you what I’ve learned about gardening! The great thing about gardening is you can make a change today and see the impact tomorrow. Gardening can also be a great family activity.

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