Best Garden Nursery in San Antonio

Let’s determine the Best Garden Nursery in San Antonio based on customer feedback. Is there a better way to find out? I certainly wouldn’t just trust the company website. So let’s hear it straight from the customers in San Antonio, TX.

1. Fanick’s Garden Center

Fanick’s consistently is sited as the best garden nursery in San Antonio for a reason. Let’s hear the wonderful feedback straight from customers!

Fanick’s Garden Center

“The garden center sits on several acres and there are green houses and display areas which offer a vast selection of gardening. The garden center was a park-like setting because they have sitting areas, beautiful trees with lots of shade, including garden statues throughout the nursery. Even though it was nearing closing time their staff was extremely helpful and cordial.” – From Legalese

“What a hidden gem on the Southeast side of town. Definitely worth the drive out. Arguably the best garden and nursery center in town, I was very happy and impressed to stumble onto this establishment, which has been open for years. It is down a neighborhood street, but don’t worry about parking as there is ample room. They have everything from trees to cacti, water features to animal sculptures. The staff is super friendly. Don’t forget to ask about their frequent buyer rewards card. If you garden or plan to start, this must be on your list of nurseries to visit in San Antonio.” – Eljavier Chainson

Address: 1025 Holmgreen Rd, San Antonio, TX 78220

Telephone: (210) 648-1303


2. Milberger Nursery

Milberger Nursery is consistently recommended as the Best Nursery in San Antonio due to its sheer size and knowledgeable staff. They also theme around holidays. The annual pumpkin patch, corn maze, and hay rides are always a hit! Let’s hear more directly from customers!

Milberger Nursery

“My gal loves plants, so I suggested we pull up at Milberger’s while in town. Easy access off the expressway, and 5 min away from our destination! Knowledgeable staff answering any questions you may have, lots to see, and very relaxing.” – Patrick Chancey

“This place is the best in San Antonio,TX. They got plenty of beautiful plants. When I get extra money. I always gradually buying them a little bit at a time. Sometimes, just go there for relaxation.” – Prem Srip

Address: 3920 N Loop 1604 E, San Antonio, TX 78247

Telephone: (210) 497-3760


3. Palm Buddha

Palm Buddha is suggested as Best Garden Nursery in San Antonio due to the variety of plants! Lots of comments about being the only place in town to find a very specific plant. Let’s hear more!

Palm Buddha

“They have so many plants, succulents, cacti, and landscaping plants it is incredible. By far one if my favorite places to shop for plants in San Antonio. They had many plants I haven’t seen anywhere else too. Definitely worth a visit if you are a plant lover!” – Sam R

“I honestly can not believe how absolutely gorgeous this utopia for plants is. Just driving up the private and scenic driveway had me in awe. It is seriously unbelievable. I wish I could spend all day there and discover the endless variety of plants, (probably will one day)… The owner’s son was more than helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and all together such a good natured guy. Thank you so much for making this sanctuary exist!” – Kimberly Harris

Address: 6075 Heath Rd, San Antonio, TX 78250

Telephone: (210) 520-6529


Have more suggestions on the Best Garden Nursery in San Antonio? We would love to hear the feedback!

Customer Feedback was found on Google Reviews.

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