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Keep Squirrels out of the Garden

Keeping squirrels out of the garden can be one of the most difficult tasks a gardener may find for themselves. There are lots of different ways to complete the task but we’re going to focus on the most easily accessible. Use Odors to Keep the Squirrels away Squirrels are just like any other animal andContinue reading “Keep Squirrels out of the Garden”

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Weekend Projects – Flower Bed Clean Up & Lawn Care

This weekend was spent on doing a few small projects throughout the flower bed and lawn. Moving to a new house, there were already a couple of projects I wanted to try. Most of those I’ve already got a start on. Now after 3 months here, I’m starting to find more things that may haveContinue reading “Weekend Projects – Flower Bed Clean Up & Lawn Care”

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Tulip Bulbs – Fall Planting for Spring Flowers

I planted some Tulip bulbs over the weekend. Fall is the best time to plant the bulbs if you want flowers in the spring. I planted 70 Tulip bulbs this weekend in the front flower bed. It was quite a bit of work but the results come March will be worth it. Preparing the FlowerContinue reading “Tulip Bulbs – Fall Planting for Spring Flowers”


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