Buying Plants on Ebay?

Like most people, I had only ever bought plants at garden centers or nurseries. I had never thought about buying plants on Ebay. My recent experience changed my mind.

I’ve always wanted to add Birch trees to my landscaping. I really like the overall look and the tree bark. I just wasn’t as excited about paying hundreds of dollars for a 10′ to 12′ tall mature tree. So it got me thinking about how I’ve been able to propagate rose bushes from cuttings. Could I do the same thing with a birch tree? The search was on!

There are a few places to start when looking to buy online: Walmart, Amazon, and Ebay. I wasn’t successful on the first 2 sites in finding a listing that would actually compel me to buy. Once I went over to Ebay though, I was one over. The listing I had found had sold over 100 units, so I knew it was from at least a seller who had been doing this for a while. They made no promises that the cuttings would actually root, which to me as a gardener is a good sign. There is no guarantee anything you buy will survive. So I made the decision to buy plants on Ebay!

I got the cuttings a few days later in a poly bag. The cuttings were wrapped in damp paper towel. So far, so good with the experience. I had an empty bin that I filled with dirt and buried the cuttings up to where only about 2 inches were visible. I didn’t have any root hormone to add.

So far, so good! Several of the cuttings have started to show growth. One of the greatest benefits that I overlooked was the expertise of the seller. From the listing, to the packaging this was a great experience. Its also a low cost way to experiment with plants you may not have before.

Birch Tree Cuttings – Ebay Listing

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