Clover Lawn Benefits

close up photo of green clover plants

My plan next year is to add more clover to my lawn. I’ve stopped using weed killer and pesticides where possible. So I’ve begun to look for more alternatives to just a monoculture lawn. A typical goal of thick, lush Bermuda grass can use a lot of labor, water, and chemicals. While researching this approach of adding more clover, I found a few big benefits.

close up photo of green clover plants
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Stays Green

A Clover lawn stay green even in times of little water. This cuts down on the amount of watering you’ll have to do throughout the summer. Next time you go on that week long vacation, no need to worry about the lawn dying. Clover also greens up sooner and stays green throughout the fall. A Clover lawn may actually stay green year round depending on the zone.

Mow Less

Clover only grows to a height of 2 to 8 inches. To keep a consistent height, the clover lawn will require less mowing. Mowing will just depend on how each homeowner likes to keep the clover.

Attract Beneficial Insects

This is one of the biggest reasons why I’m considering moving to a clover lawn. I want to attract beneficial insects like bees. Now I will not only have to rely on the flowers to attract pollinators. The lawn will actually help in the process as well. This will be a big benefit to the garden.

Next Steps

I’m going to purchase some Dutch White Clover and plant this fall once the temperature falls a little. Probably be seeding around the first of October and again in the spring. It may take a few seasons of over seeding to transition to a majority clover lawn.

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