Keep Squirrels out of the Garden

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Keeping squirrels out of the garden can be one of the most difficult tasks a gardener may find for themselves. There are lots of different ways to complete the task but we’re going to focus on the most easily accessible.

Use Odors to Keep the Squirrels away

Squirrels are just like any other animal and have natural scents that keep them away. Any odor repellant designed for deer will also work on squirrels. There are also a few household mainstays that will deter the squirrels. Instead of composting coffee grounds, sprinkle some around flower beds or anywhere else in the garden. Another household item would be ground garlic. Try a few different ones and see which work best for you.

Create a Barrier

If you have squirrels digging up your tulip bulbs, try covering the flower bed with a wire mesh. This will deter the squirrels and can be easily removed once the flowers emerge in Spring. Another great barrier is gravel or mulch. A harder substance makes it more difficult for the squirrels to dig. Even a short ground cover plant that squirrels don’t eat will slow them down and they make look for more accessible food.

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Just Feed Them

This may be the most controversial but may be the most realistic. What if you gave the squirrels a more accessible food source and saved your bulbs? That would be a win in my book. This would be another benefit of creating a compost bin. I know my family of four puts out enough kitchen scraps a week to feed a few squirrels. It may not deter them from your garden but atleast it would reroute them.

Have more great ideas? We would love to hear about it!

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5 thoughts on “Keep Squirrels out of the Garden

  1. I started putting some mixed birdseed on the edge of the driveway…the critters hit that buffet and leave my newly planted seeds alone.

  2. Squirrels are rodents and prolific breeders. By feeding them you are adding fuel to the fire. They can be a menace to the bird population as well as a destructive to ones property. Anyone who has had one get into their home can tell you that.

    1. I’ve never had them get in my house. I’ve had a friend that dealt with that though. It was a lot of work and time to get them out. They broke the attic vent once a week for about 3 months.

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