Tulip Bulbs – Fall Planting for Spring Flowers

Tulip Bulbs in dirt

I planted some Tulip bulbs over the weekend. Fall is the best time to plant the bulbs if you want flowers in the spring. I planted 70 Tulip bulbs this weekend in the front flower bed. It was quite a bit of work but the results come March will be worth it.

Preparing the Flower Bed

There was quite a bit of work that needed to be done to prep the flower bed for the Tulip bulbs. Its very apparent that the bed was not maintained by the previous owner. There were only a few overgrown shrubs that were still standing in the area. I’ve trimmed those now it’s time to fill the bed with flowers again.

Flower Bed before

Work in Progress

I started off by taking off the top 2 to 3 inches of grass and soil. I wanted to introduce some new soil to the bed and also give the bulbs a chance to expand their roots in looser soil. The soil that was there was very rocky.

Planting the bulbs

I placed the bulbs about 5 inches below the top layer of the soil. This is far enough below that they will not be effected by the frost. It’s also deep enough that the bulb wont be exposed over time.

Finishing touches

I added some higher quality potting soil to the top layer over the bulbs. I also added some ground cover to give the flower bed some structure. The ground cover over time will only grow a few inches tall. That way once the Tulips begin to grow they won’t be competing with the ground cover for sun.

Fall is the best time to plant Tulip Bulbs. Best of luck in your gardening adventure. Follow along for more gardening tips and projects!

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