Weekend Projects – Flower Bed Clean Up & Lawn Care

Flower bed

This weekend was spent on doing a few small projects throughout the flower bed and lawn. Moving to a new house, there were already a couple of projects I wanted to try. Most of those I’ve already got a start on. Now after 3 months here, I’m starting to find more things that may have been ignored or not done at all the last couple years. So off to Lowe’s to begin the search for materials.

Supplies bought at Lowe's. Staged on a flat cart.
Supplies from Lowe’s

The biggest issue I discovered last week was the amount of water that comes directly down in the front flower bed. We had a heavy rain on Friday and I lost a good bit of clover seedlings that I planned to use as ground cover. Since we are renting, adding gutters is out of the question. So my next thought was to use larger stones to at least slow the water down when it hits the ground. I was able to find some really nice looking stones at Lowe’s that I was really happy with. So I’m going to cross my fingers that the water issue is over.

Rocks placed to divert water
Decorative Rocks to Divert Water

I also got some new hedge trimmers while I was at Lowe’s. I have some electric trimmers but I wanted to try some new ones. The Electric trimmers to me are harder to get really detailed with. In the past, I’ve only trimmed boxwoods in to one long hedge. I’m trying to get these shaped in to more of a ball at this house. It’s a new challenge and I’m interested to see how it turns out. There are also 9 of the boxwoods so if I don’t do something, they’ll get out of hand. It’s still a work in progress but looking better after each trim.

Boxwoods in front of house
Boxwoods in Front of House

The last project was to try some fertilizer out on the lawn. I know it’s the end of the lawn care season but there are still a few brown spots I’d like to get cleaned up. I dethatched and added clover seed last week. The clover has sprouted and is growing, now I wanted to add some fertilizer just in case the brown spots were caused by lack of nutrients.

Overall not anything too big or workload heavy over the weekend but I’m happy I was able to get them done. The great thing about gardening is that it teaches you to look months if not years ahead. So if all goes well, next spring should be really good!

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